Fanta Youth Festival

Event Branding and Organization
In 2013 for the first time in Azerbaijan it was planned to hold a huge music event “Fanta Youth Festival”, aimed to leverage music as brand love driver for teen audience. We created a full communication plan that featured collect-and-win promotion, cooperation with McDonalds, radio activations, OOH, BTL, as well as a very strong social media campaign.
We created a story, as if one Azerbaijani boy fell in love with an Azerbaijani girl at the Turkish Fanta Youth Festival last year but couldn’t find her after the concert. Now that the same event was announced in Azerbaijan, this guy was full of hopes that the girl he fell in love with, would come to the local festival. So, he wrote a post and shared a photo with this girl and asked everyone to share it so that she gets his message.
The story went absolutely viral. We collected 23 million of impressions, around 2 million of reach in digital and had more than 30 000 participants in the event itself, while the planned number of participants was only 20k.