Let’s Bet

Topaz Betting Company Digital Campaign
Topaz is the only sports betting company in Azerbaijan. Due to a general negative cultural perception on betting and gambling, Topaz has decided to launch a campaign to change this perception. The main insight came from the culture itself — betting is not bad and in fact it’s very common to our culture. The execution was done via a strong digital campaign. We choose two most famous comedians of the country — Shemi and Shoshu, from TV project “Bozbash Pictures” who have great sympathy from the audience, in order to realize our idea in a funny way.
The story rolled out in 8 weeks with 8 videos that gave audience 8 opportunities to bet for their favorite hero, Shemi or Shoshu. In the beginning of the week we published a video of bet on the website. After the week of voting, the continuation of the video followed — the result of the dispute. Voting was possible only with points that users could collect by sharing the video.
The campaign went viral, which made it the biggest digital campaign in Azerbaijan in 2015 by coverage. It also won us a bronze in Red Jolbors Festival.